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Movies are my go to sources of entertainment when I’m alone at home. Access to film back in the countryside where I grew up was very limited. There were no television sets and if you had one, there was no electricity supply (still is the case). A few neighbors has some solar panels but those did not do much apart from power one or two florescent bulbs. If you somehow could get 10 shillings, a “movie theatre” in the shopping centre would allow you entry to watch an action movie in some dingy den. By the way, those movie theatres played hardcore porn from 8pm onwards (or so I heard). That is a story for another day.

Back in my college days, I used to watch lot’s of movies and TV shows. At some point, I must have averaged 3 movies a night, well until I got sick from lack of sleep and proper nutrition.


  • The Devil’s Advocate (1997) 7/10 – Gifted young Florida lawyer (Keanu Reeves) is invited to join a NY law firm only to realise that his employer (Al Pacino) may be the devil himself who wants to sacrifice him. Great nude scenes.
  • The Package (2018) 9/10 – Five teens go on a camping trip that turns into a hilarious tragedy when one drunkedly chops his penis off. The others have to keep a penis alive to be reattached.
  • Top Gun 1986 8/10 – Young Tom Cruise in fighter jet school – Take my breath away is all I need to say
  • All the Old Knives 2022  6/10 – CIA agent meet ex-colleague and lover and ends up dying in an elaborate plot.
  • Scent of a Woman 1992  8/10 (12-03-23) –  One of the best dialogues in a film. Blind Colonel Frank goes one “last” tour of NY with Charlie who is facing a test of character at the Baird school.
  • The King’s Man 2021 7/10 (12-03-23) Drama – The Duke of Oxford is on a mission to stop a criminal group (Including Rasputin) that is bent on funneling the flames of a world war.


  • Wrath of Man 8/10
  • The Outfit 2022 9/10 – Dec – Dramatic – Gang enforcer turned old tailor plays rival gangs like a fiddle.
  • The Good Nurse 2022 7/10 – Dec- Serial Killer nurse Charles Cullen finally outted by fellow nurse and friend.
  • The French Connection 1971 7/10 – Dec  –  Frenchman Alain Charnier is in the US to deal big heroine hidden in a new car

2021 Nov

  1. The Courier 6/10
  2. Old Henry – 7/10 – Simple but captivating
  3. The Harder They Fall –  6/10 – Not much of a story but the style is amazing.
  4. Boiling Point –  7/10 For the continuous high emotions drama
  5. Nitram – 7/10 – Disturbing to say the least yet compelling.


  • The Harder They Fall (2021)
  • Wrath Of Man (2021)